Microsoft Shows Off Windows 10 Whiteboard App

During its unveiling of the new Surface Pro devices in China, Microsoft also unveiled a new China version of Windows 10, and something else. The something else was a new Whiteboard app coming to Windows 10.

As Windows 10 is quickly getting ramped up into both the education and business environments, a collaborative Whiteboard app is a great choice. It has potential of being a great app to come soon.

Whiteboard App Video Unveiled By Microsoft For Office 365 Product Line

The Whiteboard App

In its May 2017 update and unveiling event in China, Microsoft talked about a new Whiteboard app that will be arriving on Windows 10. It is the future of inking on Windows 10, and works in a number of interesting ways.

It uses both collaborative inking, geometry recognition, table conversion and automatic table shading together. It’s available now in a private preview on the Surface Hub, and will arrive later this year for Office 365 users.

Microsoft OneNote Updated With Office 365 and Keyboard Support

Why A Whiteboard App?

In many businesses the ability to create storylines, products, and any other idea usually happens on a whiteboard of sometype. As the digital evolution has gotten bigger, digital whiteboards are becoming more of a norm for users.

By integrating this digital Whiteboard into the Office 365 and Windows 10 environment, Microsoft is getting business users interested in its products and this whiteboard solution. It lets users collaborate and be creative in all new ways.

The Windows Whiteboard is coming soon for Windows 10 users. It will be interesting to see if it catches on for sure.

Published: Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 Last Modified: May 24, 2017

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