Microsoft Shows Off Whiteboard App For Windows 10 Users

Earlier in the year, Microsoft debuted its Whiteboard app during an introduction to analysts and media professionals, and said they’d bring it out to Windows 10 users by year-end. Now, Microsoft has debuted the Whiteboard app, but only for Windows 10 fans.

Microsoft Whiteboard is in a preview mode for now, but anyone who is running Windows 10. It’s made for teams to collaborate and share, and shows the potential of a Whiteboard app, and what it could bring to the enterprise in years ahead.

Collaborate Easily With Whiteboard App For Windows 10

Collaborate & Work Naturally

The first thing that the Whiteboard preview app will let users do, is to collaborate effortlessly. They can be in the same room, across the office, or in different offices or countries entirely. Users can add images, put up sticky notes, create diagrams, or anything with the app.

For users, it lets them create in a very natural way, and that includes working with pens, jotting notes, searching for images simply, or swiping across different areas of the Whiteboard. The gestures are very natural and flowing, and are key to making this work.

Creating Digitally Is Easy With Whiteboard App From Microsoft

Creating Digitally

The biggest overall take of the Whiteboard preview app, is the ways that users can create digitally. Tables, diagrams, and flowcharts can be saved, and links can be shared with others to pick up where they left off. No more pictures of Whiteboards are needed when its saved in the cloud.

The app itself is in a Microsoft Whiteboard Preview mode, but anyone with a Windows 10 device can download and install the app. Microsoft is eagerly asking for feedback on the app, and asking users to give feedback via the Windows Feedback Hub.

If you create using Whiteboards, try this preview app out. If not, let’s see where the technology behind it goes in the next few years.

Published: Friday, December 8th, 2017 Last Modified: December 8, 2017

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