Microsoft Shows Off New Paint 3D Features For Windows 10

With the announcement of the new Paint 3D launch with Windows 10, many have talked about the revamping that Paint will be receiving. The Paint app is used by many, and in a blog post, Microsoft teased 5 new features that will be available with the Paint 3D app.

The Paint 3D app will be included in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators update, as mentioned during their New York announcement. It turns Paint into a revolutionary Paint program, and highlights the 3D powers within the app from Microsoft.

Paint 3D Brings Images To Life On Windows 10

3D Made Easy & Community

With the updates being made to Paint, users can easily turn a 2D image into a 3D object. All that is needed it to create an object, and then users can transform that object into a 3D image. It’s pretty easy, and simple for anyone to try out.

Paint 3D will also let users pull in art in the growing catalog, and users can them customize, edit, and share those. The community is vast and worldwide, and has a ton of 3D images to take a look at and enjoy.

Enjoy 3D Art From With Paint 3D On Windows 10

Real Textures, Doodles & MEME’s

The new 3D images will let users enjoy new textures as well, and additions like sparkling gold, stained hardwood, and soft grass can be added to the images. This helps the object come to life, and is a new feature of Paint 3D.

The last highlights from Microsoft are about the MEME generator and 3D Doodle features. Users can personalize shapes with 3D stickers or use their own photos to create MEME’s. Users can also let their doodles come to life and spin them around with a simple spin with Paint 3D.

Paint 3D will be available soon with the Windows 10 update. It is a revoluntionary tool, and is quite an update to Paint.

Published: Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 Last Modified: November 2, 2016

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