Microsoft Shows Off HTML5 Capability, Promotes New Internet Explorer Improved Performance

Microsoft Internet Explorer Advertismenet Html5

Microsoft shows off the HTML5 capabilities of the Internet Explorer 10 and the improved performance with a new advertisement: Internet Explorer: the browser you “loved to hate”

Microsoft release new Internet Explorer ad while showing off the HTML5 support for its latest browser

I think it’s safe to say that Internet Explorer hasn’t always been a great browser, with Google and Mozilla gaining marketshare. However with the strides made in Internet Explorer 9, and now Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft has made a joke of its past.

Microsoft have made a video on the subject and a Tumblr site that brings in quotes from people around the web on Internet Explorer 9, which was regarded as a return to form for the browser.

The video shows of a tech-savvy person talking to a counsellor about uninstalling Internet Explorer, saying that he hasn’t had any urges to uninstall the browser recently. He tells his Mom to uninstall the browser, and says “the only thing it [Internet Explorer] is good for at all is downloading other browsers.” IE 9 is, actually, good.

The Tumblr site also says that “Your current browser is probably great,” adding that Internet Explorer now allows users to pin websites on the taskbar. The result is that you can one-click the website to launch it.

The website also features quotes from various publications who reviewed the browser. The New York Times said that “Internet Explorer is fast” while, on pinning websites to the taskbar, said “you won’t find this feature in any other browser.”

There are also various tweets and Tumblr posts from users, with one Twitter user saying “IE9 is really starting to win my heart” and another saying “Chrome sucks, freezes on FB, back on IE.”

Microsoft shows off HTML5 support

Microsoft has also teamed up with Lionsgate to promote The Hunger Games, the upcoming film adaptation of the the same-titled book, where teenagers are picked to fight in a battle of survival.

Signing into Facebook and Twitter places friends’ faces on banners across the website. The browser can be visited in any browser, but Internet Explorer grants exclusive access and users are prompted to use that browser. The hidden features are:

1. Step Typing in ivolunteer in the Control Room after clicking on the map section
2. Step Clicking on Katniss and Peeta in the Avenue of Tribute reveals a clip from the training center

Published: Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 Last Modified: March 21, 2012

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