Microsoft Show Off Xbox One Dashboard

While we have seen some features of the new Xbox One dashboard in action Microsoft have decided to demonstrate in full just what it is capable of with a video released on their offical website.

Microsoft Demonstrate Xbox One Dashboard Features

For updates on Microsoft’s Xbox One dashboard, we have previously been relying on titbits of information from the company and various leaks here and there.

However, Microsoft have released a video that runs through all the Xbox One dashboard features on their official website as part of the buildup to the official launch in late November.


The video demonstrates the various apps, games and television switching features of the new Xbox one dashboard and throughout they are being controlled by the voice enabled kinect.

Xbox One “Game DVR” Service Shown in Video

Xbox Ones “Game Dvr” Service will allow gamers to capture live gameplay moments similar to recording a TV and shared with fellow Xbox live friends – and the feature is shown in the video

Everything appears incredibly seamless with near instant television switching and what appears to be an extremely snappy browsing experience from the Internet Explorer app. Judging by the video, it appears multitasking will be incredibly simple to use and a key part of the Xbox one featurelist.

Microsoft-Reveal-Xbox One-Dashboard

Its all very impressive, but it will be interesting to see whether real life performance will match what is seen in the video or if the features on display here are sped up for marketing purposes

Expect More Xbox One Previews Before Release

We’ve already heard news and information about the Xbox One friends feature and Xbox Fitness along with its TV integration and game switching features – and we can expect more apps and features to be revealed as we edge closer to the big release on November 22.


In the meantime to get an idea of what the new Xbox one dashboard looks like and will be capable of you can check out the video below.

Published: Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 Last Modified: October 30, 2013

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