Microsoft Shakes Up Executive Leadership In June Realignment

Like any major corporation, Microsoft sees itself needing to move forward, and as it does, finds needs for executive shuffling. On Wednesday, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella did just that, and issued an internal email that realigns the powers at Microsoft as it goes into the next fiscal year.

The Senior Leadership positions at Microsoft are always prized possessions, and landing one is a coveted position at Microsoft. With the realignment of engineering teams at the company, Microsoft is reinventing productivity and business processes, and building for the future.

Microsoft's Terry Myerson Takes Over Key Roles At Microsoft

Changes To Senior Leadership

A number of changes were announced on Wednesday at Microsoft, and Executive Vice President Terry Myerson taking over a new Windows and Devices Group is the lead one. It will encompass the personal computing experiences and OS group and devices groups within Microsoft.

Additionally, Scott Guthrie will lead the Cloud and Enterprise teams. He will move the current Dynamics teams to the C & E team, and accelerate the growth of the cloud platforms at Microsoft. Also, Qi Lu will lead the Applications and Services Group, and build on productivity apps there.

Microsoft zSees Stephen Elop Leave In Executive Leadership Changes

Who Is No More

With the shakeups at Microsoft on Wednesday, a few key people are leaving the company. The most notable is Stephen Elop. He came over with the Nokia purchase, and was a front-runner for the CEO position at Microsoft. This now has him leaving Microsoft in September.

Additionally, Kirill Tatarinov and Eric Rudder will be leaving the company as well in September. Chief Insights Officer Mark Penn is alos leaving the company, and that surprised many, as he led a number of advertising campaigns at Microsoft. These should all finalize in the next few months.

Leadership roles change and they did at Microsoft on Wednesday. Seats shuffle, and so do the leadership chairs at Microsoft.

Published: Thursday, June 18th, 2015 Last Modified: June 18, 2015

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