Microsoft Seeking Testers For Android Tablet Office Apps

As Microsoft continues to build its Office apps for a number of different platforms, it is becoming very apparent that Android is becoming a major focus of attention. On Wednesday, Microsoft posted links for a pre-release program for an Office Android tablet version.

By giving Android tablet owners a version of Office for their tablets, Microsoft will be stepping into Google’s world and getting them to use Office over Google Docs. This is all very early on, but an Android tablet version of Office could be a huge seller if done right.

Microsoft Courts Android Office Fans With New Site

Office Pre-Release Programs

On its Pre-Release Programs page, Microsoft is courting participants to try out their pre-release programs. They state that it will include the full family of the Microsoft Office client, server, and cloud services. But, it also includes the full suite of Office programs as well.

The range of office programs is described as: The family of products include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Visio, Access, Publisher and Outlook applications, as well as the Exchange, SharePoint and Project server products and cloud services. This should entice a number of tech fans to sign up and take a spin.

Microsoft Wants Home and Business Users To Try New Office Products

More Than Office 365 For Android

What many expect from this would be a fully featured touch version of Office for Android. Microsoft is supposedly still in testing phases of their touch version of Office for Windows 8, and this Android version could be the next one out. Android tablets are huge in the market, and especially with students and business users.

By getting into the Android tablet users hands, they can sell Office 365 to them, plus get them involved in the whole Microsoft ecosystem on Android. With OneDrive, OneNote, and Azure, Microsoft can get Android fans using more than one app, one device, and use them in multiple places at the same time. This news got a lot of attention and is surely going to get more from Android and Microsoft analysts. It still remains in testing and production phases, but Office for Android could be very real.

I love the chance of Office for Android. It needs a touch Office program, and this could be it.

Published: Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 Last Modified: July 3, 2014

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