Microsoft Say Cloud Computer will Generate over 2 Million Jobs in India by 2015

Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Computing Will Generate 2 Million Jobs India_thumb.jpg 1Microsoft-commissioned study says cloud computing will be big driver for jobs

Microsoft commission study says cloud computing will generate over 2 million jobs in India by 2015

According to MoneyLife, a Microsoft commissioned study conducted by the IDC predicts that cloud computing will generate over 2 million jobs in India by 2015.

The findings go on to say that cloud computing, by 2015, will create 14 million new jobs worldwide. Apparently, “more than 50% of these jobs” will be in small- and medium-sized businesses. Alongside this, 2 million jobs will be generated in the communications, media and manufacturing sectors. 1.4 million jobs will also be generated in banking. Microsoft’s study estimates that “$1.1 trillion per year by 2015” will be generated.

The study says “countries in key cloud infrastructure” will experience greater job growth than those who do not. The number of jobs that would be created in a particular country depend on the “projected level of spending on IT, degree of automation” and workforce size.

John F. Gantz, Chief Research Office and Senior Vice President at IDC, said that “For most organizations, cloud computing is a no-brainer.” Along with this Gantz went on to say that “in truth it [cloud computing] will be a job creator – a major one.”

As MoneyLife also go on to explain, Microsoft is firmly invested in the cloud. The company offers cloud services across three areas: infrastructure, platform and software as services. Office 365 – Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite – has been adopted widely by organizations of various sizes across the United States. Microsoft also offer Windows Azure to provide a “compelling” option so businesses can develop, host and render applications from the cloud.

MoneyLife also go on to say that Microsoft’s key products supporting the cloud means they have great flexibility with the service.

The study says there are two main reasons India is expected to see job growth from cloud services:

1. Step Investment will grow in IT cloud services
2. Step Investment, the study says, will mean less “legacy drag” than in other developing nations

The jobs created are also going to be “split down the middle,” according to Microsoft’s study: jobs will be created for companies with 500 or less employees, and for those with 500 or more.

Published: Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 Last Modified: March 6, 2012

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