Microsoft Rolls Out Surface Firmware Updates

The various forms of the Surface from Microsoft have been out for a few years, but the latest incarnation of the Surface Pro 3 has now brought updates for its users. The surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 2, and Intel-based Surface Pro got a number of updates on Tuesday for users.

There are a number of updates made for the Surface product line, and they cover a number of different features ranging from keyboards, wireless adapters, and more. All of these updates became available on Tuesday, and should make the Surface more stable and easier to use.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 Gets Numerous July Updates

Surface Pro 3 Updates

The Surface Pro 3 got six different updates on Tuesday, and the amount of firmware updates help system stability and more. The Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware reduces power consumption which has been the biggest problem with Surface Pro 3 units so far. Additionally battery life was fixed with the Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware.

The Surface Pro 3 also got Surface Type Cover Firmware Updates which help the trackpad reliability and system stability. The Surface Accessory Device update helps on-screen keyboard appear and disappear at the correct times. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth updates were also added to the Surface Pro 3 with a July 16th update promised as well.

Microsoft Issues Updates For Surface Pro 2 and Surface RT Units

Surface Pro 2 & Surface Updates

The Surface Pro 2 got a main Wireless Network Controller update which will help on wireless networks utilizing hidden SSIDs. The Surface Pro got battery management updates, support with new Surface Ethernet Adapters, an Intel HD Graphics update, a beter Intel Display Audio update, and Surface Power Cover Firmware updates for the Surface Power Cover.

The Surface 2 also got a Modem Firmware Update which will help with the AT&T 4G LTE network which will help road warriors. Lastly, the Surface RT even got updates from Microsoft as the company issued an update for the Surface Home Button Driver, which will help with system stability in the active state and in the sleep & transition state. All of these updates are available now for Surface users.

Microsoft sees these updates as big things. They are updating quickly, and giving Surface users updates they need.

Published: Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 Last Modified: July 9, 2014

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