Microsoft Rolls Out Major Update To Windows 10 Users

As expected, Microsoft has decided to roll out the major November Windows 10 update to all users. The major update fixes a number of problems with Windows 10, and at the same time gives users a number of new features to start using today.

We previously highlighted the update that hit Insiders early, and this final version is almost identical to that version. The updates Cortana, Skype, and other aspects of Windows 10 are great. The updates make Windows work easier and more proficiently.

Microsoft Update Cortana With November Windows 10 Update

Cortand and Edge Updates

By far the biggest update to the newest November update to Windows 10, are the new features to Cortana. Users can set reminders with the pen, scribble notes, track bookings for events, set reminders, and more. It also launches to Japan, Australia, Canada, and India.

The Microsoft Edge browser was also updates with the syncing features for favorites and reading lists. It gets synced across devices, and now tab preview features let users preview pages before viewing them. Coupons also get introduced to the Edge Browser.

Microsoft Gives Mail & Calendar Update With November Windows 10 Update

Mail, Calendar and Other Updates

Users who uses the inbox of mail and calendar will be able to personalize their inbox with themes and accent colors, to give it more flair. New calendars including religious, lunar, and Zodiac calendars are also available for Windows 10.

The Photos app also got big updates and allows for easier sharing. The Maps and Xbox app also got major updates and will allow users to use the Xbox One when playing games. Updated Skype integration was also introduced with a new set of messaging apps in Windows 10.

The November update is available now through Windows Update. It was 5GB for me, and is a major update but a worthwhile one.

Published: Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 Last Modified: November 17, 2015

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