Microsoft Rolls Out Azure ExpressRoute For Free

One of the more interesting features of Microsoft’s Azure product line is its ExpressRoute, and its been a huge hit among businesses and enterprise companies. On Friday, Microsoft announced a brand new promotion, and one that allows anyone to try out Azure ExpressRoute for absolutely free.

Azure ExpressRoute is a product that allows for a fast and very reliable connection to Microsoft Azure. These types of connections are highly important for data migration, replication, and business continuity situations. It allows for fast and secure connections, and ones that don’t go down.

Microsoft's Azure ExpressRoute Explained In Promotional Diagram

Promo Details

The promotion is available free of charge from January 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015. The promotion is of Azure’s ExpressRoute 10 Mbps NSP offering, and is availale to new and existing customers of Microsoft Azure. The promotion though is only available to areas where ExpressRoute is currently offered.

Various partners are also involved in this ExpressRoute promotion as well. British Telecom is giving away a 10 Mbps offer through the end of June 2015, Colt is giving 10 Mpbs free private access to Azure, Level three is doing it, Verizon is giving a 6-month promotion for Secure Cloud Interconnect, and AT&T as well.

Microsoft;s Sameer Sankaran Promotes Azure ExpressRoute Promo On Microsoft's Azure Blog

Scenarios For ExpressRoute

If you are a business or enterprise, and need to connect to Azure, but are using traditional means to connect to it, you often are pushing this data on the usual pipes of the Internet. ExpressRoute allows for a secure and almost VPN like connection to its services, and means a one-on-one connection to Azure.

This is highly important to when businesses, enterprise users, and individuals are uploading data, replicating data, and pushing high volumes of data to Azure. Additionally, when the data is secure in nature and needs to be highly secured, it makes sense. You want that data not shared on any other pipes other than the Azure one.

This is a fabulous promo for ExpressRoute. Azure is a fundamental business service, and one that ExpressRoute complements very well.

Published: Monday, January 19th, 2015 Last Modified: January 19, 2015

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