Microsoft Rolling Out Xbox One April Updated

Many of you who have read the Microsoft news I write, cover the wide range of Microsoft products. One of the biggest updates coming to their Xbox One product will be rolling out at Midnight on Monday night, and should give users a ton of new features on their next-generation console.

The Xbox One has gotten a number of updates since its initial launch, and this latest set of updates will give users a number of changes. Some might appear as technical changes, while some make the silent reboot and kinect voice improvements the best thing around.

Microsoft Rolls Out Xbox One April Update For Users

Game and Friend Updates

Now, a game save process bar will be available to Xbox One users and it will display the status of the game save. Now, users can easily tell what games and apps are being updated, and which have been saved lately. This will make the entire process of game savings much easier and is a big request from users.

Microsoft is also updating the notifications on when friends sign into Xbox Live. It was a priority update for Microsoft, and is currently available for users on the Xbox 360. Friends in multiplayer mode will also be shown. This will make it much easier to see when friends pop on to play the Microsoft console and make it a full network experience.

Microsoft Shows Off MultiPlayer Update To Xbox One Via April Update

Other April Update Changes

Other improvements in the Xbox One April update include the fine tuning of gesture controls for the Kinect voice and motions. False positives are aimed to be decreased with this update. Improved GameDVR video quality will also be improved upon with compression algogithms according to Microsoft.

Additionally, Blu-Ray player support of content recorded at 60 Hz will be updated for easier viewing. Controller and headset adapter firmware updates will reduce audio static and improve wireless connectivity too. Lastly, the Xbox One will silently update when in Instant On mode, and return back to standby mode upon updating. Users won’t have to power on the console anymore. and this will be a huge feature to those who are annoyed with the rebooting process.

These updates show Microsoft continues to listen to users. The Xbox One is evolving and so is Microsoft with its support for it.

Published: Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 Last Modified: April 15, 2014

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