Microsoft Reports 1Q Revenue Of $18.53 Billion

In its earnings report to analysts and investors on Wednesday, Microsoft announced amazing earnings for their first-quarter. The $18.53 billion for the quarter ended September 30, 2013 resulted in Microsoft earning an estimate net profit of $5.2 billion, which were double-digit improvements.

The quarterly numbers from Microsoft showed investors that consumers are adapting to Windows 8 along with its updated enterprise products. Various factions with the company showed ups and downs, but overall the Steve Baller led company showed the stock market great earnings regardless.

Devices and Consumer Units Grow Within Microsoft

Devices and Consumer Revenue Grow

With the new shift within Microsoft, the consumer and devices segment of the company has been given a lot of attention. During the quarter, the Devices and Consumer revenue grew 4% to $7.46 billion. With these growths, both Windows Phone and Windows 8 and Surface Units are included in these profits.

Breaking down the numbers, Windows OEM revenue declined 7%, but Windows Pro revenue grew for the second straight quarter. Good news for the Surface unit showed a $400 million revenue mark for the quarter, with sequential growth in revenue and units sold versus the previous quarter. Additionally, search advertising grew 47% which showed within the Bing unit.

Microsoft Sees Commercial Growth In First Quarter 2013

Commercial Growth a $11.20 billion business

As big as the consumer and devices unit is within Microsoft, the commercial revenue grow was massive. It posted a growth of 10% to $11.20 billion for the quarter. This tremendous revenue maker for Microsoft shows that the company is continuing to get enterprise support with its wide variety of products.

Specifically in the report, SQL Server revenue grew double-digits, with SQL Server Premium growing more than 30% for Microsoft. Additionally, the units of Lync, SharePoint, and Exchange saw double-digit growth. Lastly, commercial cloud revenue surged over 103% with its Azure and Office 365 products.

Microsoft in its 1st quarter numbers impressed investors, and shows that Surface units are selling, but the enterprise is vastly important for the company in its future.

Published: Friday, October 25th, 2013 Last Modified: October 25, 2013

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