Microsoft Report on Social Media: Increased Productivity And Time-Saving

Microsoft Research released a very vital survey on the impact of social media in the enterprise and its impact on whether or not employees increase productivity of not.

Microsoft Research Releases Social Media Report

Microsoft Releases Social Media Research Report

This week, Microsoft released an interesting survey that went into a lot of details about how employees using social media in the workplace, actually increased their overall workflow and increased productivity at the same time. Microsoft Research commissioned the survey over a series of approximately 10,000 workers around the world, and found interesting results. In those results, they found one third of them felt there wasn’t enough collaboration in their workplace, another third felt that social tools helped them in their work, with the other third stating that they would actually spend money on their own tools to increase their productivity in the workplace.

The emphasis of this survey, as conducted by Microsoft Research, brings up the idea that employees want to be social and want to spread the word of their work and company, as many companies are feeling the opposite in regards to social media and their tools. Employees in the study, we wanting to be more connected and collaborative in the work environment, and social tools give them the ability to do so more often.

Latin America & Asia Lead Social Media Charge

Countries in the survey were broken down as well with the Asian Pacific area having the great amount of influence with social media. Following that were the Latin American countries and then Europe in regards to the productivity levels used with social media tools and products. In the US and Canada though, social tools in the workplace were slowed down and not introduced as quickly as countries in Latin America and Asia Pacific ones.

Microsoft Research in the study also broke down the sectors and gender types for social media, which were very interesting. Companies that are in the government, financial, retail and hospitality industries are less likely to let their employees use social media. Men also were noted in the report to have greater productivity levels than women, but Women also are more prone to realize the restrictions placed on them by their employers on the social media in their work.

Part of this Microsoft Research study was to examine social media and its tools in response to its Office 365, Microsoft Lync, Yammer, and CRM products. With it, Microsoft anticipates companies being more eager to use social media tools in the workplace more than before, and show them that office productivity does increase with proper social media tools and management of its usage in their companies.

Published: Friday, May 31st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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