Microsoft Releases Report By The Numbers

In the latest newstrends, infographics and reports with charts and graphs, always seem to make the news about a topic or company more entertaining. Microsoft has learned that, and on Monday released a report about itself by the numbers. The report as seen on the web is a tiled experience, like Windows 8, with plenty of data that is interesting.

News about a company like Microsoft can sometimes be exciting, somes be entertaining, and sometimes be very informative. This news in particular about itself by the numbers, shows the growth of the company, and the wide range of products and its effects on people everywhere. It talks about a wide range of products and is worth talking about.

Microsoft Shows Off Company Infographics In Numbers Report

Office, SharePoint and Apps

The first and most prominent slide or live tile that shows up is the face that Office for the iPad and its apps, have been downloaded over 45 million times around the globe on iTunes. This is remarkable as the product was only talked about through the years, and it’s become a huge hit. The latest changes in the past week or two has made it even more popular.

Microsoft shares that SharePoint is a $2 billion dollar business on its own, and it is a very lucrative enterprise product for businesses. Windows Store apps and Windows Phone apps are also very popular for Microsoft, as Microsoft stated that over 525,000 apps are available on the platforms. In addition, over 2 million users are now active on Visual Studio.

Microsoft Is More Than One Product As Infograhic Chart and Report Shows

Random Microsoft Facts

There are lots of other facts in the report that are worth sharing. Bing indexes more than 2 billion Facebook status updates and a half billion Tweets per day. 1.5 billion people use Windows per day. To show off the power of OneDrive, Microsoft also stated that 250 million people have a OneDrive, and this is powerful as it shows how popular the cloud has become.

Microsoft talked Azure as more than 20 perfect of Azure virtual machines run on Linux, a shocker for many. In Xbox news, Xbox Live has more than 48 million members in over 57 countries. In the enterprise, over 8 million uses currently use Yammer, and over 400 million users hgave a active account. All of these facts prove that Microsoft is stronger than ever.

This was an awesome report by Microsoft. It shows the diversity of the company, and its broad range of products.

Published: Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 Last Modified: November 18, 2014

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