Microsoft Releases Desktop Optimization Pack 2011 R2

The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2011 Second Release is now available for free for IT professionals running on Windows environment everywhere.

Microsoft desktop optimization pack 2011

MDOP 2011 R2 Adds MBAM

The MDOP 2011 R2 is a collection of seven tools for IT professionals who are working in Windows Environments at enterprise levels. This packs comes as a free of charge service to some select Microsoft software licensees and all Microsoft Intune software-as-service subscribers.

New in the second release of the MDOP 2011 is a feature called MBAM (Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring). This tool is meant for IT admins and pros to be better equipped to handle hard disks that have been encrypted using BitLocker — a security feature available only on Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Windows 7.

A convenient feature of this new tool is allowing users with standard permissions to initiate the encryption process with BitLocker, saving the IT admin a physical visit to the user.

Also Added: DaRT 7.0 And AIS 2.0

Also available with MDOP 2011 R2 is a recovery tool called DaRT that can be used on systems that have become unbootable. In the new version, the IT person can talk to the user over phone and boot the bricked machine using a PXE (network) boot or using a CD/DVD or USB. Pros can now also remote control a DaRT session and also restrict access to some of the features in DaRT. So over all, it favors the control freaks in the IT world and makes it slightly easier for them to be so.

Coming AIS 2.0, it now supports up to 100,000 clients and comes in 11 different languages. For a cloud-based inventory tool, that’s probably as good as it gets for now. Inventory tracking for App-V packages has improved and so have user interface and hardware reporting — says Microsoft. But they were likely already there when the tool was released separately before this version of MDOP.

The other tools in the package have not been updated for this release and consist of App-V, MED-V, Desktop Error Monitoring and so on.

Published: Thursday, August 4th, 2011 Last Modified: August 4, 2011

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