Microsoft Redesigns Channel 9 App For Windows 10

If you are a developer or someone who loves to follow the inner workings of the Microsoft dev community, you know about Channel 9. It’s the internal network of programs available on their website, and now its been redesigned for Windows 10 users in a new app.

The Channel 9 Windows 10 app shows the programming available at the web site, but it gives users a brand new redesigned app to enjoy. This makes viewing the content easier, and makes for a great app from Microsoft.

Channel 9 App Gets Windows 10 Redesign

App Features

With the new Channel 9 app for Windows 10, users can pin their favorite shows and keep up with them via the Live Tiles feature built into Windows 10. Users can then watch videos with their choice of progressive or smooth streaming technology.

The app is built for Windows 10, as it allows users to snap the videos to the side, and then work on other stuff in the meanwhile. This is perfect or those looking to program, develop, and more while enjoying the developer videos as well.

Channel 9 Programs Available Anytime With Windows 10 App

Download Videos & Search Content

One of the neatest things about the newly done app for Windows 10, is the ability to download the Channel 9 videos, and watch them offline. This means you can watch them as you travel, when you are home, and view them at your leisure.

Lastly, viewers of the Channel 9 app can search Channel 9 content, or share the content using social media channels. It previously allowed the sharing of the content via the Windows 8 Charms, but as it migrates to Windows 10, its more social.

If you enjoy Channel 9 content, the new app is nice. Start watching it now, and start programming tomorrow.

Published: Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 Last Modified: January 31, 2017

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