Microsoft Pushes Xbox and Device Integration as Games Take Back Seat

Microsoft Pushes Xbox And Device Integration

Microsoft has been heavily criticised for its E3 conference, which lacked games, but the new device features are superb!

If Ubisoft has Hosted the Best Conference thus far, then Microsoft Showed the Worst (With Some Saving Graces)

Microsoft opened its E3 conference in the best way it could: Halo 4. The demo was interesting for many reasons, from the unproven developers to how Halo can reinvent itself after five games which basically used the same formula.

The demo shown off was a five-minute campaign demo, which was set about a third into the game. I have to say the engine, and whatever tech is being used to get the performance out of a seven year old box, is astounding. It’s the first game where I honestly struggled to distinguish what was real and a video game.

The demo began with a teaser for the live action trailers that will build up towards launch, followed by the actual game. It opened with the UNSC Infinity ship heading towards a crash, for an unknown reason, flying over chief. It was followed by a giant, glowing … ball. It’s probably Forerunner technology that will turn out to be a major plot device.

Covenant ships then flew over the Chief, who made way towards a forest. Chief encounters a four-man squad of Covenant – Grunts, Jackals and Elites – which were quickly dispatched. Apart from the Elite, which charged towards the Chief and was disintegrated by a beam. The source of beam disappeared just as Chief turned around the corner. Then we saw the new enemies, Forerunner A.I. called Prometheans. The Crawlers attacked the Chief, forcing him to switch to the Assault Rifle, before being attacked by the Promethean Knight. This was a bigger enemy wielding a sword-esque weapon, which knocked Chief back – draining his shields in the process – and as Chief attack the Knight it spawned a flying drone. The drone caught grenades, and chucked it back.

As the drone fled, Chief picked up a new long range battle weapon made of Forerunner tech. Chief again chucked a grenade, and exploded as Chief shot the enemy which exploded and destroyed the other enemies.

We also saw the Promethean Vision armor ability, which basically covers the environment in a blue shield which shows the enemies as red. Chief got knocked out of the Vision, and a Knight attack him. The demo the ended.

Halo 4 launches November 6.

Published: Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 Last Modified: June 6, 2012

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