Microsoft Purchases Secure Islands

It’s no secret that Microosft is making data security and enterprise security a key thing for the future of the company. On Monday, Microsoft expanded on its list of acquisitions by purchasing Secure Islands, an advanced information protection solutions company.

The acquisition of Secure Islands makes the enterprise data sector for Microsoft a little more important. This acquisition will allow customers secure their data using Secure Islands tools, and it works across a number of networks and mobile devices.

Microsoft Purchases Israel Based Secure Islands

Who Is Secure Islands?

Secure Islands is an Israeli based security company, that specializes in data classification, protection and loss prevention technologies, and applies data protection to applications. All of this means data stays secure no matter where it is.

Secure Islands has a large number of enterprise customers already, including UBS, OSRAM, Credit Suisse, Vodafone, and others. They have been a Microsoft Partner for sometime, and now will be able to integrate the technology into Azure and more.

Secure Islands's Joins Microsoft In Purchase

Why Buy Secure Islands?

Microsoft stated that once they conclude the sale, they will integrate Secure Islands technologies into Azure Rights Management Service, and give the highest protection to companies and compliance requirements. All of this means enterprise dollars.

Microsoft can also use this type of security with data, with their Office 365 line of products for business users and consumers. The enterprise space is worth billions of dollars, and Microsoft is eager to pounce on this space and make data securer than ever.

No price was made on the purchase of Secure Islands. It is a strong buy, and one that Microsoft did a good job of acquiring.

Published: Thursday, November 12th, 2015 Last Modified: November 12, 2015

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