Microsoft Purchases Mobile App Maker Sunrise

Mobile apps have caught the interest of Microsoft, and according to recent stories, the company has approximately 100 mobile apps across the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms. On Wednesday, the company purchased Sunrise, an innovative calendar app maker that surprises many experts.

The purchase of Sunrise follows Microsoft’s purchase of Acompli, making Microsoft a premiere mobile app productivity maker. Both companies feature mobile users as their focus, and can bring their expertise to Microsoft’s brand of products. Sunrise though makes calendar apps and does it well.

Microsoft Announces Purchase Of Sunrise On Blog Post

Who Is Sunrise?

Microsoft announced the purchase of Sunrise finally on Wednesday, after a week of speculations that they purchased it north of $100 million. Sunrise is a smaller app development company, but makes one of the most popular set of calendar apps for iOS and Android phones. It’s free app is a best seller on both charts.

Microsoft’s goal to purchase Sunrise according to its blog post, is to empower every person and organization to achieve more. This move to purchase Sunrise marks that next step for the company. It has a strong set of apps internally, but adding Sunrise can get them a ton of new users, and roll it into new products.

Microsoft's Sunrise Purchase Features iOS and Android Users in Mind

Microsoft’s Acompli and Sunrise Deals

As noted, this is the second large mobile purchase from Microsoft in recent months, and marks a total of $300 million in spending from the company. Acompli is a enterprise player in the email and productivity space, and has a large group of customers already. Now with Sunrise, this number of customers can grow.

It’s certain that Microsoft wants to build the mobile platforms into a huge thing for every user. It has seen Apple take this space for consumers, and now has a duo of powerful enterprise apps for business users and consumers. It will take time to finalize these both into a final product, but the possibilities are endless.

Sunrise was a strategic purchase from Microsoft. $100 million is nothing for them, and it keeps Google away from them too.

Published: Thursday, February 12th, 2015 Last Modified: February 12, 2015

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