Microsoft Pulls Durango Dossier, That’s Official Confirmation

Xbox 720 Release And Price Late 2013_Thumb Had doubt over how legit the 57-page Durango document was? Well, Microsoft has pulled it down.

Some questioned if the hand-drawn depictions of the next-gen Xbox were revealed, but Microsoft’s requests for removal all but confirm its legitimacy

That document that were covering which talks about the next-gen Durango Xbox? It isn’t available on the web, permanently, because Microsoft has requested for services and website hosting the document to remove it immediately.

Services such as Dropbox are hosting the document, after it was taken down from Scribd. Microsoft’s references to the IBD roadmap suggest the document is real. And in any case, if the document wasn’t real why would Microsoft be taking it down? Because it could potentially be accurate sometime in the future? Yeah right.

We talked yesterday about two sections of the document – Kinect 2.0, and the ten-year cycle. They’re big bets for Microsoft: Kinect, in the mind of the core audience, isn’t resonating because the software titles can’t challenge a controller in terms of accurate player input. That could be down to the technology, but developers such as Double Fine made the Happy Action Theatre which was basically all that goes wrong with Kinect. For parties it’s awesome, but it’s not a game you’re going to be playing all night.


The document also talked about eventually streaming everything, which seems like the death of retail. I’m not sure we’re ready go into a full digital world – is there the bandwidth to support 24/7 downloading? – and many consumers like buying second-hand games that are reduced months after release. The exception to that is the Steam Summer Sale: it’s a store-wide sales where everything is slashed, drastically. Microsoft doesn’t run sales that often, and when it does Games on Demand titles aren’t exactly in demand (Bomberman Act Zero, anyone?).

I’m not sure Microsoft has the quality and depth of titles to purely rely on Xbox Live Arcade either, and if Microsoft made it so the service can basically put up 10GB games that would have otherwise been on sale at retail then the XBLA identity is gone. Xbox Live Arcade was originally just that: an Arcade. It provided short, fun experiences like those you would go into when you were a kid. More on that later, though.

Published: Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: March 24, 2015

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