Microsoft Previews How Advertisements Work (Well) In Windows 8

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Advertisements are elegantly designed in Windows 8, here’s how.

Windows 8’s advertisements, in the Metro side, are very elegantly designed. They look good, even

Microsoft has decided to preview how ads will work in Windows 8, and says the focus on consumer experience carries over to what companies are trying to sell you. In the Metro side they look very elegant, blending into the operating system like it’s a part of the UI.

Microsoft says it is partnering with creative agencies to build advertisements, in a similar to wait Apple put a focus on design with its advertisements in iAD (though even though I don’t know the official uptake figures, it’s clearly not the success Apple wanted). Microsoft added it wants to create a new standard of what ads can be like from an operating system, while ensuring consumers are engaged and the product is shown as marketers and publishers want it to be shown.

In-App Ads, Out Of Your Way

Apps are integrated directly into a relevant app, it seems. For example an adidas ad of the new Predator football boot is on the right-hand side, with a link to take consumers to the product. I’m not sure whether that can be swiped away, but a panoramic shot of the app from the blow shows the ad being at the end of the app on the right. What I like about that is you’re not going to see the app immediately. When I see an iAD, it’s always at the bottom. And with the iPhone still using a 3.5-inch screen, a small banner can make the experience feel cramped.

Another concept shows the ad as just a title, with the app’s content immediately to the right. Clicking the ad takes you to the product’s/service’s content, and then one click will take you back to the app.

We’ll have to see how ads look in the final version of Windows 8, and how often they’re pushed. Hopefully there are some design guideline for advertisers to follow, and small and big developers can promote apps and not just products in apps. For example, imagine if there was an app for the fifth Humble Indie Bundle. Since there were (originally) five games included, having advertisements and perhaps demos together would work well.


Published: Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: June 23, 2012

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