Microsoft Preparing Own Windows 8 Tablet

Industry sources have reported that Microsoft may be planning to build their own tablet and of course, run the next version of Windows on it. The Redmond-based tech giant will apparently unveil this tablet some time next year.

windows 8 tablet

Microsoft Soon To Join The Tablet Race

Come 2012 and we might just see Microsoft stepping in to the fast thickening tablet crowd in the market. Industry news source Digitimes has reported that the Windows manufacturer is in talks with the likes of fellow US tech giant Texas Instruments and several Taiwanese manufacturers to build this tablet.

Official spokesperson from MSFT had only this to say “we have no information to share at this moment”. The lack of any form of denial is being taken by most as a strong sign of confirmation. And of course, it does make a lot of sense.

Since Texas Instruments is involved, it goes without saying that the processor technology is coming from that part of the world, whilst the rest will probably be sourced from and outsourced to Taiwan. Manufacturing is also likely to happen there.

Skeptics Express Their… Skepticism On Microsoft’s Plans

Whilst the news has definitely gained a lot of traction and has again put the faith of the tech-blogosphere in to Microsoft rumors, there are critics who are of the opinion that it won’t be worthwhile for Microsoft to land up in the tablet hardware game. To many, the market is already over crowded and Microsoft should really just concentrate on getting the next Windows 8 out without any major problems.

Microsoft has of course been looking to own another product-line like XBOX 360 where the hardware is also Microsoft branded. A successful tablet will definitely give them the platform edge over current largest player — Apple. Since Microsoft is working on making one unified platform out of the next Windows version, which will work on both standard computers and tablet devices, it might actually work out pretty well for Microsoft.

The timing also makes sense because a good tablet will be a huge leverage for Windows 8 when it launches next year.

Published: Thursday, June 9th, 2011 Last Modified: June 9, 2011

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