Microsoft Prepares Signature Stores Ahead Of Windows 8

Microsoft’s Signature program is now expanding in to its own webstore with added benefits for PC users.
Microsoft preparing Signature web store ahead of Windows 8 launch

Microsoft Signature WebStore To Sell PCs Minus Bloatware

Just as we close in on the Windows 8 Release preview this June, Microsoft is working to bring the Microsoft Signature PC experience to a webstore. This webstore will sell Microsoft ‘Signature’ PCs from a variety of vendors. The PCs will be priced the same as the vendor but with crucial differences. The Microsoft Signature program will ensure that any and all PCs bought through the webstore will be completely free from bloatware — the issue that recently got a lot of attention thanks to Microsoft’s announcement regarding the Signature program.

Second additional benefit would be the Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus software that will come pre-installed on your system. So you are safeguarded from day 1. And the third benefit would be in the way of a free 90 day phone support.

The Signature PC program has been around for a while. Users have been paying $99 to Microsoft to clean up all their bloatware and turn a regular, off the shelf Windows 7 machine to a Microsoft Signature Windows machine. It’s at a premium but for most users the cleanliness of their OS is worth it.

Of course, the same procedure can be done at home by formatting a new machine and doing a fresh install of the OS. This will instantly eliminate all bloatware and the fresh install will provide the user with just Windows and nothing else. But Microsoft’s target audience are those people who are not very comfortable with the idea of erasing all data from their harddisks and reinstalling the entire OS. Believe it or not, it is quite a scary prospect for the non-tech savvy person.

The ultimate aim for Microsoft here is to make the Windows experience more unified from machine to machine. Since it cannot control its own PC channel of vendors and manufacturers, the company seems to have taken this approach to solving the problem.

Published: Thursday, May 31st, 2012 Last Modified: May 31, 2012

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