Microsoft Points Not Compulsory For Windows 8, Not Available For Xbox Live

Ll_microsoft Abandons Xbox Points 150Pxp2 Microsoft may not be selling apps for Microsoft points, instead you will pay via regular credit card or Paypal

Microsoft Points have been commonplace across the company’s service to buy products, notably introduced with Xbox Live. The Verge reported the Points are now not the compulsory way to buy products in Windows 8 as the platform’s launch approaches.

Move sees Microsoft towards common standard, though maybe overdue in eyes of consumers

Microsoft Points were compulsory in the platform’s beta, and still are on Xbox Live. It means users have to buy most games with Points, making multiple payments to get the required amount. However, Games on Demand releases can be bought with credit and debit cards. also allows users to use cards, so a degree of inconsistency seems to be prevalent throughout Microsoft’s systems.

Ll_microsoft Abandons Xbox Points

The Verge tested Windows 8 release to manufacturing build, where the change is in effect, music and videos can be purchased or rented, in the case of the latter. Purchases are made across Xbox Video in Windows 8. Microsoft Points are usable but the store defaults to credit cards. Whether PayPal can be used, like on Xbox Live, is unconfirmed.

“A welcome change from the confusion of having to convert Microsoft Points to currency in order to assess the true cost of a rental or purchase,” The Verge noted on the changes to Windows 8. Purchases on Xbox Live, for example, are typically listed for 800 Microsoft Points ($10) or 1200 Points ($15). The lack of upfront conversion can be confusing for consumers and ask if the software is worthwhile

Overdue Change From Redmond, Hopefully Microsoft Points Will Go

The functionality contrasts PlayStation Network that allowed card usage immediately. Whether Wii U will follow Sony’s or Microsoft’s approach is not confirmed. Currently on Wii users pay with points. Points can create the problem of having to look for cards in stores or having leftover points if buying digitally.

The current dashboard beta, in use by, is still using Microsoft Points. Whether its official release will bring in real-world currency system wide remains to be seen. Microsoft may also release an update post-dashboard update to bring the feature, though the company is remaining quiet on the whether that will happen.

Windows 8 release Oct. 26 worldwide. Microsoft is holding an event Oct. 25 to “celebrate” Windows 8, launching Surface at midnight.

Published: Thursday, October 11th, 2012 Last Modified: October 11, 2012

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