Microsoft Points Are A No-Go For Windows 8, Though Remain For Xbox Live

Microsoft Points On Windows 8 Thumb Microsoft Points are no longer the exclusive form of payment for buying Microsoft products. Windows 8 will not use them – at all.

Microsoft Points are not used in Windows 8, perhaps suggestion the next Xbox console will remove the virtual current entirely

A Microsoft spokesperson said the company wants to provider greater flexibility for purchases, and access to Xbox content by using a credit card. Additionally, local currency will be the main way to purchase content in Windows 8, the spokesperson added. The reason for using real-word money is because Xbox is moving into new markets through Windows 8.

Microsoft Points will continue to be used on Xbox 360 consoles, however. Users can buy them when using an Xbox or in stores.

The problem with Microsoft Points is buying a movie or film can take an annoying amount of time because users have to buy, usually, two installments of points. Entering credit card details and clicking Buy is much easier. The sluggish, at times, Xbox dashboard doesn’t help the process. After purchases an irrelevant amount of points will be left over. The result is that users may have more points than needed, perhaps defeating the point.

Points Hints Towards Future Product Launches

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Users are also asking what value Points is to real currency, with no conversion presented on Xbox Live’s Marketplace. Usually 800 Microsoft Points is $10 and 1200 Points is $15; Points are used for games, downloadable content, movies, and more.

The original reports were not clear whether Points would go completely, with reports based on a release to manufacturing (RTM) build of Windows 8. For younger audiences especially, buying Microsoft Points cards is a convenient way to buy content without using a credit or debit card. It also means parents know what children are spending.

Windows 8 is the first new product to remove Points. Will a new product like, say, the next-generation Xbox console continue the trend?

Windows 8 launches October 26 worldwide. Microsoft is holding an event on October 25 to celebrate Windows 8, launching Surface at midnight. With almost two weeks exactly left until the operating system launches, the excitement is palpable.

Published: Saturday, October 13th, 2012 Last Modified: October 13, 2012

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