Microsoft Optimizes Office Apps For iPad Pro

Office isn’t just a desktop program anymore, and Microsoft has made a great many of users happy with its mobile versions of the apps. On Wednesday, Microsoft optimized its Office apps, giving new iPad Pro users a way to use Office easier on the device.

Microsoft made the Office suite of products available for the iPad for some time, and now the iPad Pro is next. With the device arriving at Apple Stores on Wednesday, the launch and update of the Office apps for it arrives just in time.

Microsoft Updates Office Apps For iPad Pro

Split View

One of the biggest updates made to the Office line of apps for the iPad Pro is the ability to see two active Office apps at the same time. This allows users to see Excel on one side of the screen, and open up Word on the other side of the iPad Pro.

With the larger screen size of the iPad Pro and the ability to have split views of apps, Office is the perfect productivity app for it. Users can also make changes to an email on one side, and then attach it and send it on the other.

Microsoft Enables Slide Over Mode With iPad Pro Office Update

Slide Over

The second big update to the Office apps for the iPad Pro is the ability to slide over. This lets users open the first app, and then slide over to open a second app. This enables a user to review email and add a list to a OneNote notebook as well.

This will be great for the productive professional who keeps Office open at all times, and is looking to keep wasted time to a minimum. These updates to the iPad Pro version of Office are perfect for the new device as they utilize its potential.

These are just a few updates for Office on the iPad Pro. They can be downloaded now and used with the new iPad Pro today.

Published: Thursday, November 12th, 2015 Last Modified: November 12, 2015

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