Microsoft Opening Café in Paris To Sell Windows 7 & Co

Microsoft will open a “Windows Café” in Paris on the date Windows 7 will be released. They are also opening several offline stores in the US this fall, right next to the Apple stores. Stores in other countries are also planned.

They plan to have a “Guru Bar” in their stores so that people can get professional help with their products whenever they need it.

For more information about the Windows Café in Paris go to the french tech site

The Guru Bar

A closer look on the Windows Store:

The stores will have themed areas that focus solely on the flagship products (Windows 7, Zune, XBOX) – and yes you can play XBOX there all day long ;)

Gizmodo has an awesome gallery with more photo of the stores. They also leaked the information that the stores will have wall-sized screens. The very first Microsoft Offline Store might open on October 22th in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Published: Sunday, October 18th, 2009 Last Modified: October 18, 2009

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