Microsoft Office Moves Online, Adds 365 To Name

As far as the tech industry is concerned, the future is definitely up in the clouds. Underlining that fact is the announcement that Microsoft is about to take its widely popular Office suite of tools online. Come the 28th of this month, Microsoft will be starting up ‘Office 365’.

Microsoft Office 365

Office Is Now Cheaper And More Accssible

A standard student’s copy of Microsoft Office coasts $150 and a Business package will hike that up to $280. However, once Office 365 goes live, you will be able to purchase access for only $72 per year. The only catch is that it’s a recurring yearly cost and that is only the base price. There are several other packages for advanced users, etc. But the prices for these are still unconfirmed.

Best part is that all upgrades are included with the yearly subscription. So you are not paying to get newer versions. Upgrades are going to be automatic and newer features will become available as and when they are ready to be deployed.

Easier To Run

Since web applications handle most of their processing in the cloud, you can now access and use processor intensive tasks from less-powerful computers. With newer desktop versions of Office, it has become hard to continue working on less powerful machines. Office 365 will solve this. All you will need is of course a high speed, stable internet connection.

Enterprise Is Where the Users Are

Office 365 is aimed at those souls who almost stay in the office 365 days almost. I am talking about those corporate and business users who rely on Microsoft office for very many critical things like presentations and number crunching on spreadsheets.

The new version was supposed to debut later this year but it looks like the engineers are done much ahead of schedule and are impatient to see the results. Hence, June 28 is the new date.

Published: Thursday, June 9th, 2011 Last Modified: June 9, 2011

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