Microsoft Office Attachments Now Editable In Gmail

Often times, web companies battle each other in gaining the user and giving them the best experience. Google and Microsoft have battled over platforms and users, but on Wednesday came up with a mutual plan to help users. Now, users in Gmail can edit Office documents that arrive as attachments.

The move might been seen as something that Google users might benefit from more, but computer users overall will benefit, as many already use Office and use Gmail at the same time. The feature will turn the Microsoft Office document into a Google Drive file, meaning it can be accessed anywhere.

Microsoft Office Users Get Gmail Support For Editing Documents

How It Works

The process for users who have Microsoft Office documents to edit in Gmai is actually very easy to use, and should benefit both Microsoft and Google users. Google on Wednesday gained support for importing over 15 different Office formats, which range from .doc files, .xlt Excel files, and .pps files for PowerPoint files.

Users who receive these Microsoft files in their Gmail will be able to edit them and then make their lives much easier. The conversions will be made to Google Docs, Google Shets, and Google Slides. Future support will be given by Google as well, and should benefit most users who use both services from Microsoft and Google.

Microsoft Lets Office Documents Be Edited In Gmail From Google

Revision History Available

The major thing that users will gain is to be able to access documents in the cloud with revision history. It has been available from Office Online and Google Drive, but never before within Gmail which makes it very unique. It means that users can see edits made to the documents and be able to use them anywhere.

This strategic move will mainly benefit Google users, but Microsoft users now have the choice of using OneDrive, Dropbox, and now Google Drive for their documents in the cloud. As many users have all three of these cloud storage solutions, being able to access them via Gmail is a big thing, and a win for users.

I use Gmail daily and love this feature. I edit Microsoft docs daily, and now it will be supported in Gmail.

Published: Thursday, December 4th, 2014 Last Modified: December 4, 2014

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