Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps Online

Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps You’re tired of synchronizing Word, Excel and Powerpoint files? Microsoft now provides a free online service that allows you to use Microsoft Office 2010 online!

Create & Access Office Files Online
All you need for Microsoft Office Online is a browser, Microsoft Office 2010 and a Windows Live ID and then you can start creating documents and spreadsheets online. Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps are also a great solution for pupils who can create documents online on school computers and then access the same documents at home.

Business Users Should Get SharePoint
But even business users should now consider this web service. Unlike Google’s Office solution, Microsoft allows you to store files on your own data and access it online via SharePoint. This is a huge benefit for business users who don’t want to store sensitive data on Google’s or Microsoft’s servers.

How to use Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps?

Important: In order to use Microsoft Web Apps you need Office 2010.

1. First create a document in one of the Office 2010 programs.
2. Click on Save & Send and save your document on your SkyDrive
3. Sign into your Windows Live account with your Live ID
4. Save your document on the SkyDrive
5. Go to
6. Open the saved document and you can continue with editing the file online

Other New Microsoft Online Services

Another new Microsoft service you might interested in is WEIshare, a great way to share your Windows Experience Index score (the benchmark score). Read more here: Windows Experience Index Sharing

Published: Monday, June 14th, 2010 Last Modified: June 14, 2010

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