Microsoft Office 15 Features Leaked: Latest Improvements (Word, Excel)

Microsoft Office 15 Features Leaked

Apparently various features of the upcoming Office 15 have been leaked. Check out the latest improvements.

Microsoft’s next-generation version of Office sees big changes as Windows 8 gets ever closer

Microsoft Office has been running for a long time, and is much a part of Windows as Windows itself. Here is an overview of some of the features of the newest version of Office, with more to come in the week.

In Word 15, Microsoft are focusing on the “experience” of reading and writing. Word 15 includes a new Read Mode, removing background distractions so you can get on with you work (similar to how Pages in OS X can go full screen). The text also adjusts automatically to fit into columns on the screen. If you’re going out, or taking a break, then activating the Resume Reading function saves the last position in the document for when you come back.

There are two other new features in Word 15: Object Zoom and Expand and Collapse. Object Zoom is pretty self explanatory: double clicking on an image zooms in on them, filling the screen with whatever non-text documents you’ve included. Expand and Collapse is a neat little tool that allows you to collapse and expand paragraphs under their heading, instead of starting at one full page of text. Word 15 also includes improvements to scrolling though documents and the Navigation Pane.

If you’re working together on documents, it’s also now easier than ever to Track Changes. Reply Comments allows users to track comments made to specific areas of text. There is now also a password-protect feature that allows users to privatise certain changes made so only certain people can see them. Present Online also comes to Word 15 over from PowerPoint, allowing documents to be shared through the browser.

Unsurprisingly, Touch Mode for Word 15 allows users to navigate documents. There is also a PDF feature in Word 15 which brings the elements of PDF documents into Word as if they were created in Word from the beginning. Users can now also add media from Facebook, Flickr and other services. 

Previewing Excel 15

There are new features in Excel 15: a Quick Analysis lets user access ways to visualise data, while Recommend Charts and PivotTables helps to see information based on data patterns. Touch Mode is in Excel 15. Source.

Published: Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 Last Modified: March 7, 2012

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