Microsoft Offers Surface Pro 3 Credit For Macbook Air’s

The Surface Pro 3 has only been on the store shelves for the past week, but Microsoft is eager to get the tablet into as many hands as possible. On Monday, the company announced a promotion for Macbook Air users to get them to trade in their laptops for a Surface Pro 3.

The promotion to get users to trade in their laptops for tablets is similar to a promotion run last year by Microsoft. The difference this time is the timing of the promotion, and the amount of store credit given to customers to get the Surface Pro 3 in their hands.

Microsoft Store Gives Users Trade In Credit For Macbook Air's For Surface Pro 3

Promo Details

Microsoft is giving currently interested customers up to $650 in store credit when they trade in their old Macbook Air. The offer is valid until 7/31/14, and is aimed to get college and university students using the tablet as well. The offer is great for someone looking to switch to the Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft does have a caveat that the Macbook Air must be working, not be water-damaged, not have a cracked screen, and be considered a fully working unit. Also, the trade-in value can vary depending on the unit, so an older Macbook Air might not get the full $650 credit, and it is best advised to check with the Microsoft Store directly.

Microsoft Wants Users To Trade Macbook Air's For Surface Pro 3's

Microsoft’s Previous Promo

Microsoft ran a previous promo last year for the Surface Pro 2 unit, when they were offering user up to $200 when they traded in their iPad’s. This was a moderate success for the company, but this promo is 100 percent geared to those looking to replace their units for the long haul.

Microsoft previously ran a Recycle for Rewards program that got old iPad’s off the market, and gave users gift cards for Xbox units, tablets, and other items in the Microsoft store. Of course, the value of the item being traded in had a strong correlation to the amount they would get, and that only makes sense. The Microsoft Store has all the details for users, and is available starting today.

If you are looking to get a Surface Pro 3, this is the time. Apple switchers can make the move, if they dare.

Published: Tuesday, June 24th, 2014 Last Modified: June 24, 2014

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