Microsoft Offering $100 To Get XP Users To Use Windows 8

Microsoft is actively trying to get computer users off of Windows XP, as they have determined its end of life for next month. A move by the company on Friday has taken it a step further. Microsoft is now offering Windows XP users a discount to buy a Windows 8 machine.

The new promotion by Microsoft is one that is aimed to get XP users to use Windows 8. There are many reasons the company wants to do this, and by offering them a discount, it might prove the best way. A discount for a new PC can make a huge difference to a potential computer buyer.

Microsoft Gives Users A $100 Discount On New Windows 8 Machines

How The Discount Works

Microsoft is now giving XP users a $100 discount in the Microsoft stores to purchase a new Windows 8 machine. The promotion though has a few things that buyers need to be aware of though. The promotion is valid on a certain number of models in the store, and users will need to venture into a Microsoft store to see those models.

The other item of note with this discount from Microsoft is that these systems run over $599. This is aimed to get people using quality hardware, and not to undercut low cost computer makers as well. The special runs through June 15th, and this works perfectly with Microsoft calling April 8th the end of extended support for Windows XP.

Microsoft Ends Windows XP Extended Support In April

Why Is Microsoft Doing This?

There are many reasons why Microsoft is doing this promotion. First of all, they have to get Windows XP users using something more current. Security holes and other technical issues will start to affect Windows XP users as the months roll on, and Microsoft by giving a promotion will help encourage sales.

Also, Microsoft needs to get Windows 8 machines selling in their stores. A $100 discount can make a huge difference in the eye of the consumer, and it could make the difference in the sale of a system or not. Windows 8 machines need to be sold more, and a promotion to tie into Windows XP might be the trick.

I gave up on Windows XP a while ago, but know many who use it. Now, I’ll email them and get them to save $100.

Published: Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: March 22, 2014

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