Microsoft Named 100 Best Corporate Citizens

The role of a company the size of Microsoft, is to both deliver products for use around the world, and to give its employees a great place to work. On Wednesday, Microsoft was featured as one of the US’s 100 best corporate citizens, making Microsoft one of the best places to work in America.

The role of being a top corporate citizen company was given to Microsoft from the editors at Corporate Responsibility Magazine, and named it their top citizen. This is a major achievement for Microsoft, as its shed its past of a monopoly, and transformed itself with the cloud and a new CEO.

Microsoft Featured As One Of The Top Corporate Citizens

What Makes A Top Company

According to the editors who gave the prize to Microsoft, the company emphasizes climate change, employee relations, environmental, financial, governance, human rights, and philanthropy. The combination of all these items are weighted, and employee relations and environmental carrying a little extra.

There are a number of subcategories that also go into the rankings of companies, and human rights acts and questions about the companies manufacturing also are figured into the rankings. Microsoft clearly had the right stuff going, and came out ahead of the other tech giants in getting this award.

Microsoft Becomes A Top Corporate Citizen In 2015

Microsoft’s Vision

In the findings, Microsoft was found to invest heavily in their employee relations, and showed it via their vendors as well. It made sure vendors treated their employees well with sick and vacation days like Microsoft does. It also makes sure server rooms are vented, and telecommuting options are available for employees.

Microsoft was also focused as being a company that supports education programs, and has one of the best corporate giving programs around. Microsoft currently matches employee gifts up to $15,000, and assists when employees volunteer at a nonprofit. All of this adds up to making Microsoft a top corporate citizen.

This award is big for Microsoft and its vision in 2015. It’s focus is Windows, but the overall goal is a better software company in the world.

Published: Saturday, May 9th, 2015 Last Modified: May 9, 2015

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