Microsoft Mobile Gets Spotify & Lync Mobile Updates

The world of Microsoft mobile and its branch of services and products is always getting updates. On Tuesday, Windows Phone landed a huge update offering free music, while Lync Mobile for the iPad also got a major update, which should please many enterprise customers.

The updates to Spotify and Lync showcase Microsoft’s latest moves to the mobile platform and services as a company move. They are where users are, and these two latest updates show off how large companies are embracing Microsoft’s bold mobile push and are behind it.

Microsoft Releases Spotify Update For Windows Phone

Spotify Pushing Free Music On Windows Phone

Spotify has long been available for Windows Phone users, and its offered its ad-supported streaming services to Android and iOS. On Tuesday, Spotify launches this latest brand of streaming music to Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices. The updated app is live and available to download.

The latest update shows off the power of Spotify and also shows the power of Windows Phone. It offers users better search and discovery ways to enjoy their music, and show off where favorite artists and their music are. It’s a fresh update, and of course free music on Spotify is always a good thing.

Microsoft Updates Lync For iPad and iPhone To Increase Productivity

Lync Mobile With Gallery View

The Lync mobile team also issued updates on Tuesday, giving iPhone and iPad users a new gallery view for the iPad. Additionally, Lobby Control and promote/demoting of participants is available for the iPad and iPhone. Both of these features are live on the Apple store and ones for immediate download for enterprise users.

The gallery view will allow four video streams during a Lync Meeting on the iPad, and detect and show the video streams of active speakers. This showcases the power of Lync on the iPad in many ways. With lobby control, a presenter can admit or deny people in the virtual lobby of a meeting. A organizer is able to promote and demote anyone in a meeting with the update, making a participant to a speaker, and vice versa. These updates make the Lync for iPad and iPhone a even more valuable business tool.

Both these Windows Mobile updates are big. Spotify is a top-ten app and Lync is used by more businesses than one can even imagine, and now will be more.

Published: Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 Last Modified: August 27, 2014

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