Microsoft Might Be Planning Xbox Live Expansion With Comcast, Verizon Play TV

Looks like Microsoft is planning to expand their range of entertainment offerings on the Xbox Live platform with newer and more compelling additions.

XBOX Live comcast

If the word on the streets is true — they are going to be adding the services of Comcast ant Verizon’s Play TV to their roster of services available through Xbox Live.

Comcast And Verizon Play TV Coming To Xbox Live

Individuals close to Microsoft have told news source Bloomberg that the company is planning to add two new services to the Xbox Live platform — Comcast and Verizon Play TV. In the light of Microsoft’s constant promotion of the entire Xbox platform as the all round entertainment experience, this comes as no surprise at all. It perfectly aligns with what Steve Ballmer has had to say about the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live in recent times — which projects the console as an easy way to switch between all your entertainment sources like gaming, DVD, BlueRay, TV, Music and Movies. It is also Microsoft’s point of competition with Apple’s successful iTunes service, which also provides access to TV episodes and movies to its members.

In addition to this, MSFT is apparently in talks with over two dozen other providers for music, sports, movies and TV shows in the US and Europe. Some believe that the company might be very close to announcing an updated and expanded line of Xbox Live Streaming services some time as soon as next week. The personnel who talked about this to Bloomberg remained anonymous because they did not have the authorization to speak publicly about these plans. This with the addition of voice search on Bing with Kinect gesture support would make for quite a new batch of additions to Xbox.

The company is also looking to sign deals with entertainment giants Time Warner (for the HBO cable channel), Sony Pictures (for their Crackle streaming service) and NBC Universal (for their Bravo and SyFy channels). They are also looking at Lovefilm U, which is actually a subsidiary to Amazon.

Microsoft has so far not commented on the story and their lack of denial seems to mean that at least some of it is true.

Published: Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 Last Modified: October 4, 2011

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