Microsoft meets Star Wars: IE8 Yoda Ad Campaign

Windows 7 Yoda You thought the Windows 7 restaurant in Taiwan was impressive? How about a StarWars-Microsoft commercial? Yep, Microsoft Spain and George Lucas team up to promote the advanced security features of IE8.

Windows 7 Star Wars Campaign

Windows 7 Star Wars Campaign

The Internet Explorer 8 is indeed way more secure than any of it’s predecessors and can help you to block malicious files, downloads and websites. The Force is strong with this one and I begin to look forward to Internet Explorer 9, which will finally improve the website loading speed thanks to the new Javascript engine.

Identity theft, phishing sites, malware.. the dark force knows how to exploit and abuse bugs and security vulnerabilities, but Microsoft is improving their browser continuously to protect you from it. Considering the large market share of the Internet Explorer security improvements are much needed to protect the average joe who doesn’t know how to protect a PC.

Visitors from Spain or interested readers can visit the site here.

Published: Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 Last Modified: May 26, 2010

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