Microsoft Makes Power BI Generally Available

The enterprise and analytics market is billions of dollars in revenue that companies like Microsoft love to attract. Products like Product BI are ones that enterprise users love, and the constant updates to the product attract users as well. Friday marked the general availability of the product for users.

On Friday, Microsoft made the Power BI Server and Power BI Desktop available, and brings together the cloud-hosted service to life. It also brings business intelligence and analytics service to users, and lets them connect data, analyze it, and get companies data viewed in all new ways.

Microsoft Makes Power BI General Available To Users

Content Packs Updated

In their blog post on Friday, Microsoft stated that new content packs would be arriving weekly, and this ensures that users can connect to and experience their data without any technical setups. This means that users can connect with Quickbooks, Salesforce, and view a number of curated dashboards and reports.

The ability to connect to BI with the other programs like Quickbooks and Salesforce should attract those users, and especially those who have not tried out Power BI. This also will give users a number of new dashboard and reports that they can share with clients, managers, and business partners.

Microsoft's Custom Dashboards Make Power BI Powerful and Useful

Open Source and Partner Uses

Microsoft stated that they have contributed their Power BI visualization framework and its complete library of visuals to the open source community. The project is available via GitHub, and Microsoft will be looking to get partners to use more custom visuals into Power BI and its various uses.

Power BI right now is used by over 45,000 organizations and in 185 countries, making it a highly successful product. Companies like the Boys & Girls Clubs, and the Metro Bank in London are using it, and using it daily. 500,000+ people have tried Power BI so far, and it should grow in the future.

If you are in enterprise, you should try Power BI. The new version is out and worth trying today.

Published: Monday, July 27th, 2015 Last Modified: July 27, 2015

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