Microsoft Makes Monday Xbox One News Day

Monday didn’t have a ton of Microsoft related news, but its news centered around the Xbox One, and with its dominance in the next generation gaming market, it certainly can have its newsday. The special pricing of a Halo Centric Xbox One plus a new Time Warner Cable app makes it a great Xbox One day.

The Xbox One certainly has a ton of fans, and the Xbox world loves Halo. Microsoft announcing a new $349 version of Xbox One with 4 Halo Games, plus a new app makes the Xbox One a must have console. Microsoft is making customers want to have the console, and those who want it, clamouring for it daily.

Microsoft Brings The Xbox One Plus Halo For Only $349

Halo Games With Xbox One For $349

The special bundle of Xbox One and 4 Halo games is a huge thing for action game fans and for those who play Halo. This special limited edition bundle is for US and select markets, and brings the entire story of Halo to Xbox One fans. The bundle and the digital download code is a perfect Halo fans dream.

The download code will allow users to download all 4 Halo Games. Those include: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3 and Halo 4. These have all been redone, and can be played on the Xbox One console included in the package. This is a great deal and a Microsoft exclusive for their Halo fans.

Microsoft Gives Xbox One Users The TWC TV App Finally

Time Warner App On Xbox One

For Xbox One fans, Microsoft’s bring about it being the perfect living room companion has got users using it for more than games. TV and cable companies have apps for viewing shows, but Time Warner has been left out with their support. On Monday, they finally announced an Xbox One app, following its Xbox 360 app, which has been around for sometime.

The new TWC TV app is available for Time Warner cable customers, and lets users watch video-on-demand only. It doesn’t include live TV for now, but is promised in future updates. It supports Kinect voice controls and Snap multitasking, and will have updates soon to give users the best of Time Warner TV on their Xbox One.

The Xbox One continues to get better and these updates show it. A great Halo deal and Time Warner Cable make Monday a perfect Xbox One day.

Published: Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 Last Modified: March 10, 2015

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