Microsoft Lumia Replaces Nokia Lumia Phones

When Microsoft purchased the Nokia line of mobile products and business, many experts thought that the eventual rebranding of the Lumia line of phones might be coming. On Thursday, Microsoft announced the new branding of Lumia, and it fell under the Microsoft Lumia brand name of products and phones.

The move to renaming Microsoft Lumia from Nokia Lumia makes sense to many who follow the company and mobile world. It was a natural progression for Microsoft after the purchase, and the final word makes the news that much more official.

Microsoft's Senior VP Tuuya Rytila Talks Lumia Marketing

How Microsoft Lumia Will Change?

In a conversation with Microsoft’s Tuuya Rytila, who is a senior vice president of mobile phone marketing for the company, she talked about it in a very lengthy post. She explained that Microsoft will be rebranding sites and Lumia related properties to Microsoft from Lumia, to show the transition to Microsoft.

In the talk about rebranding, she didn’t disclose any information about the future of the phones for Lumia, but hinted that they are looking forward to unveiling a new Lumia phone very soon. The grand experience will still be a Lumia experience, and just be under the Microsoft brand versus Nokia.

Microsoft's Lumia Rebranding From Nokia To Microsoft

Phones Not Obsolete

One of the concerns about the transition from Nokia to Microsoft was the issue about the Lumia phones becoming obsolete. In her blog post, she stated that the line of Lumia phones will still be made, and customer warranties and service will still be provided as usual. This goes for the existing phones with the Lumia 830 and Lumia 730/735 phones.

Microsoft also stated in the post, that Microsoft will still be selling Nokia-branded entry-level phones, like the Nokia 130 and others. The company will be making these for the third world countries and entry-level countries, while these phones don’t require high-end components. This is good news for those who enjoy the Nokia line of phones at a great price, and for those areas where the smartphone isn’t really an option due to political or economic issues. These phones and other items will be transitioned as the rebranding continues.

I’m not shocked by this news. Lumia is a high-end brand, and one that Microsoft needed to rebrand before too long.

Published: Friday, October 24th, 2014 Last Modified: October 24, 2014

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