Microsoft Lowers Prices Of Surface Pro 2 Units

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 has been a relatively huge success for the company, as the second-generation pro tablet has captured the hearts of professionals. On Tuesday though, Microsoft lowered the cost of the Surface Pro 2 by up to $200, ahead of the Surface Pro 3 launch due soon.

The cut of the Surface Pro 2 was seen by some analysts as something that was coming, but many different know if Microsoft would keep the price of the Surface Pro 2 the same as the Surface Pro 3 until it launched. Now though, is a great spot for people on the hunt to pick it up cheaper.

Microsoft Cuts Prices Of Surface Pro 2 Units On Tuesday

How Low Did It Go?

With its cuts to the Surface Pro 2 line, Microsoft is lowering prices of the unit by $100 and $200 on different units. The 64GB version featuring the Core i5 processor from Intel is now only $799, from the original $899. The highest end model with 512 GB of storage saw the biggest drop from $1799 to $1599.

The lowering of these prices make the Surface Pro 2 a very enticing option for those looking to get a new laptop, get a new laptop for school, or to replace one in the enterprise. The entry price of $799 competes with the iPad Air line of products, while running the full suite of Office products and Windows programs.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 Starts Shipping Early To Customers According To Reports

Surface Pro 3 Units Start Shipping

As the Surface Pro 2 units got their latest price cuts, the Surface Pro 3 units from Microsoft have slowly begun shipping to customers. The shipping date according to Microsoft and customers has been slated for June 20, but some are shipping early. They will be available at the Microsoft Store starting June 20th as well.

It’s not 100 percent certain that Microsoft will have enough of these units on hand to please all customers, as they have had problems doing this before. Those looking for the biggest Intel i-7 core processor and 256 GB model, should be able to find them on June 20th in stores, and with its hefty price, should find a way into the hearts of business customers and Surface fans.

The Surface Pro 2 was a great device. But, time moves on and now the Surface Pro 3 is here to start selling soon.

Published: Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 Last Modified: June 18, 2014

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