Microsoft Loses Two Executives In Latest Shuffle

As Microsoft has gone through a long debated and talked about CEO and management shift, the roles of those who are executives at the company were discussed as possible future quitters. On Monday, the talk about Tony Bates and Tami Reller leaving the company become more apparent.

The rumor mill at Microsoft on Monday discussed how these two important Microsoft executives are on the way out. In leaving the company, both Tony Bates and Tami Reller will be able to take their leadership skills to other companies and grow there.

Microsoft Loses Tony Bates As Key Executive At Company

Tony Bates Leaving

Tony Bates whom in the past led the Skype team as CEO, became a huge part of the Skype and Microsoft integration. But, he also was on the short list of potential CEO’s for the future at Microsoft. He has a strong management background and by leaving Microsoft, he will be able to take that set of skills elsewhere.

In losing Tony Bates though, Microsoft is losing a strong executive and Skype partner. Tony Bates long talked about how video tools like Skype would be the future of communication, and how it would be a great thing to be part of Microsoft. He potentially felt his time is over there and he might also have felt snubbed at the pick of Satya Nadella as CEO at the company.

Microsoft Loses Tami Reller As Executive At Microsoft

Tami Reller’s Exit From Microsoft

In losing Tami Reller though, Microsoft is losing a strong female executive within the company. Rumors at Microsoft stated that she was having conflicts within the company, and with Steve Ballmer she had issues sharing management styles and conflicts there. This though with her strong background at Microsoft is a huge loss.

Tami Reller is a huge name at Microsoft as part of an executive team and as a strong female executive in Remond. Microsoft needs to hold onto these types of strong leaders, and by losing Tami Reller, they are losing them possibly to the competition, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, or other companies. It’s not clear where she is going, but it’s a loss for Microsoft to lose her talent.

Both of these names are huge to lose at Microsoft. They are the two expected by many, and those rumors proved true on Monday.

Published: Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 Last Modified: March 5, 2014

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