Microsoft Launches Status.Modern.Ie and IE Platform Priorities

Microsoft is always looking to help developers to program for Internet Explorer, and the browser while it has a large marketshare, still struggles against other browsers. On Wednesday, Microsoft launched a beta of, which will show developers the way to IE.

The launch of was initially announced during the Build 2014 conference, and is the goal of Microsoft to get developers building for Internet Explorer. Now that it’s live, Microsoft is giving developers ways to build and create exciting new things for Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Launches Status.Modern.IE for IE Developers

Highlights of Status.Modern.Ie

With the beta tag removed, Microsoft opened up this to the developers at large. Now, the entire site is open, Microsoft made the entire site including the data that backs it under the Apache V2 license, and marked it open source. This will allow developers to closely look at the code and try it out. With it being open sourced, anyone will be able to view the code, and it should promote developer usage across the net.

Additionally, the new Interop menu will allow developers to enter browser support interest to find features available in the web platform. Also, deep linking has been added via HTML5 history and angular routing. Lastly, mobile support and performance has been improved, and Windows Phone developers can view it with ease.

Microsoft Shows Off Changes To Status.Modern.IE For IE Developers

New IE Priorities Announced

With this launch, Microsoft also announced a number of features that will be built and improved into Internet Explorer. These include web audio, media capture, ES6 promises, HTTP/2, and much more. The complete list is available at status.modern.IE, and is available for developers to take a closer look at today.

Microsoft wants to get users current, improve browser security, and improve compatibility for browsers and HTML5 standards across the web. This is great for the future of the Internet, and Internet Explorer has long suffered from not being as current as Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Internet Explorer has grown across the web, but also has suffered in the hands of some users, and these new priorities will help Microsoft and the web at large.

While this is aimed at developers, Microsoft is doing good. The status.modern.IE site will help grow the web, and help the web as well.

Published: Thursday, May 29th, 2014 Last Modified: May 29, 2014

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