Microsoft Launches Startup Accelerator For Home Automation

Over the past few years, the term home automation has gained steam across the tech world, and several companies including Google, Apple, and Microsoft have been mentioned. On Tuesday, Microsoft joined the forefront of it by launching a new startup accelerator for that niche.

With its home accelerator startup, Microsoft is teaming up with American Family Insurance, with the idea being from building the next home automation apps and product together. The next wave of home automation services are going to be built, but Microsoft wants to be there first.

Microsoft Opens Home Automation Startup Accelerator

How The Accelerator Works

Microsoft is looking to build the home automation front quickly, and is looking to work with all kinds of new companies to do this. With sensor technologies, cloud services, and analytics tools, Microsoft is teaming up with American Family Insurance to do it. The two companies combined have the experience to do it.

Microsoft is looking to give dedicated mentorship to these companies, and build the connections to help them grow. Without taking any equity in these companies, American Family Insurance is also giving their expertise in the industry. A $25,000 minimum equity into these companies is also being made to companies accepted into these programs.

Microsoft's Redmond Is Center Of New Home Automation Startup Accelerator

Microsoft And Home Automation

With home automation, Microsoft has the technology expertise to work in this market, and with American Family Insurance, they have the years of experience and statistics to back up their claims as well. Whether its the newest app, a new alarm, a new appliance, or a new next-generation device, any of these things could launch from the startup.

By giving these new companies a place to build these ideas in Redmond, Microsoft is carefully standing on the sidelines listening to these companies, and slowly guiding them, with the hopes of them using Azure, and other enterprise tools. It’s the best interest of Microsoft to work closely with them if they grow huge, but Microsoft is doing this for the interest of expanding home automation for now it seems. If it turns out to be the next wave of technology, at least it will start in Redmond.

Home Automation could be huge or a miss. Either way, Microsoft is looking for the next startup to get them there.

Published: Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 Last Modified: June 18, 2014

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