Microsoft Launches Pictureseque For Android

As we have followed Microsoft in recent months, we know that Microsoft is no longer a Windows only company, and has focused attention on iOS and Android. On Monday, Microsoft issued a new lock screen app for Android, that does more than the Next Lock Screen due to images from Bing and more.

The brand new Pictureseque app launched on Monday from Microsoft, and its a remarkable app from Microsoft for Android users. It’s not just a lock screen, but one that includes images, news, and a number of updates for users. This fully functional lock screen is a must for Android users.

Microsoft Launches New Android App Pictureseque

What is Pictureseque?

Pictureseque is the new Android lock screen from Microsoft, and the app is available for free in the Google Play Store. This new lockscreen app features the images from the homepage, and has more than just pictures. What makes it shine, is the number of features it includes, and for absolutely no charge.

The Pictureseque app features Bing Homepage images, searches on the lock screen, the latest news, weather updates, notifications on the lock screen, regional calendars and muharats, camera and ph one controls, and a few more hidden features. All of this for free, makes it a steal and something for Android lovers.

Microsoft Shows Off Beautiful Images With Pictureseque App For Android

Better Than Next Lock Screen

This is the latest lock screen app from Microsoft, and is a delightful improvement over the Next Lock Screen app for Android. The Next Lock Screen app is primarily for business users with its look and appeal, whereas the Pictureseque is built for personal uses. It s a beautifully designed app and one that works.

The Pictureseque can easily be a best seller on the Android app store, and Microsoft’s commitment to the Android platform continues to grow with this addition. The Pictureseque app is something that a lot of designers worked hard to build, and it shows with its build quality. It’s free and available now.

The Pictureseque app is a fun app for Android from Microsoft. I’ve downloaded and installed it, and it works like a charm.

Published: Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015 Last Modified: February 3, 2015

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