Microsoft Launches Official Windows 8 Development Blog

Microsoft has launched the official Windows 8 development blog to discuss everything related to developing the next generation of the operating system.
Windows 8 Dev Blog

The blog is called ‘Building Windows 8’, the tagline declares that it gives the reader an inside look provided by the Windows engineering team.

The Team Behind Windows 8

The Windows 8 blog or B8 is hosted on the MSDN (Microsoft Developers Network) website alongside many other development related blogs and it starts off with reflections on the past iterations of Windows.

It talks of Windows 7 and its continuing success across the board. The opening post also talks about learning from the mistakes of the past, a possible reference to Vista. All in all, it is an in depth post from the same people who are building the next version Windows.

Sinofsky, the author of the opening post, says that they have received complaints about the tight-lipped nature of the Windows 8 development. It is stated as one of the main reasons why the blog of was created. Instead of a way generate more interest and traffic, it is intended to be a communications platform for all things Windows 8. As something run by the Windows 8 engineers themselves, it is bound to be a boon for developers who are preparing to work on the new platform.

Change: A Key Word For Windows 8 Team

It is clear from the blog that the team believes in change and more importantly, changing for the better. Given the decisive shift in the platform strategy at Microsoft, this comes as no surprise.

The team is currently focused on taking all the new ideas that they have put in to Windows 8 and executing them properly. From the last few bites of official news that Microsoft released from the engineering team, it is clear that they have decided on most of the features that will go in the final version. So now it is a question of making them all sit in properly in to the mix.

Published: Monday, August 22nd, 2011 Last Modified: August 22, 2011

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