Microsoft Launches Live Twitch On Xbox One

The Xbox One from Microsoft has had its share of issues at the initial launch, and the biggest one was the lack of live streaming of games from players. Late Monday, the Twitch App from Microsoft and Twitch went live, and gamers around the world can livestream from their Xbox One consoles.

The launch of the live streaming ability on the Xbox One comes perfectly in time for the March Update and Titanfall. Microsoft has a lot on the line with this update, and have teamed up with Twitch to make the streaming update of the app the best one on the console market to date.

Microsoft Launches Live Streaming Via Twitch On Xbox One

How To Share and Why?

Microsoft has made it easy for gamers to download and use the Twitch app on their Xbox One consoles. Just open it, press a few buttons, and say “Xbox Broadcast” and it works. It will allow users to share gameplay with other users around the world, and allow users to show off their mad Xbox One gaming skills.

It also integrates the Kinect to allow for chatting sessions as well. The built in Kinect camera will allow users to broadcast their game sessions for others to enjoy, and to watch the live commentary as well. The update is an almost automatic one on the Xbox One and will surpass its version on the Playstation 4.

Microsoft And Twitch Team Up For Next Generation Live Streaming App On The Xbox One

How This Helps Microsoft

This is the latest in updates for the Xbox One from Microsoft. Microsoft is competing against Sony in a very competitive market, and by giving them this latest update, it gives them actually more than what the Sony Playstation 4 can handle. With live streaming and the Kinect built-in features, plus higher bitrate streaming, Microsoft should sell more consoles.

This also gives current Xbox One users more satisfaction and customer happiness with their purchases. Microsoft has a billion dollar industry built into the Xbox One, and needs to make sure updates continue for their users. This latest app is the biggest update to date on the console, and the future just means more goodness for Microsoft and Xbox One users around the world.

I downloaded the update and am using it. I eagerly await what is next from Microsoft and can’t wait to see it.

Published: Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 Last Modified: March 11, 2014

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