Microsoft Launches Halo 5 Beta

One of the year’s most exciting games is coming from Microsoft, and its Halo franchise is legendary with its avid gameplayers and graphics that are truly amazing. On Monday, Microsoft announced that the newest in the Halo franchise, Halo 5, is open for multiplayer beta for all.

The word on Halo 5 has kept the gaming world at the edge of their seats, and Microsoft knows that it has a huge hit on their hands with Halo 5. By giving players early access to the multiplayer beta, is just means that these players will get access to it, and start enjoying it earlier.

Microsoft Launches Halo 5 Beta On Xbox One

Beta Details

While the game itself isn’t scheduled to be released until the fall of 2015, the beta marking the launch of Halo 5: Guardians has launched on the Xbox One. This is the earliest that Microsoft has ever made such a massive beta available, and their servers should be excessively busy for the next month or two.

The title is approximately nine months from the virtual shelves, but is focused on 4v4 arena multiplayer, and is built on the Halo legacy. It’s only a small portion of the overall play of the game, and Microsoft is still building it out for the final delivery. Early preorders are also available for the game.

Microsoft Announces Beta For Halo 5 With 3 Different Versions

Halo 5 Preordering

Microsoft knowing that this game will sell in the millions, is making preorders for Halo 5 available starting monday. It’s available in 3 different versions for players. First is the standard edition for $59.99 and comes with a poster. A limited edition for $99.99 includes digital content and a steel book.

Microsoft knows that the last edition is the keeper, and is making a $249.99 limited collectors edition of the game available. It will have a limited number statue designed by 343 Industries, and is only available in a small number of copies. Microsoft knows that Halo fans love Halo, and this edition will sell out quickly.

If you love Halo, download the beta today. Microsoft loves Halo too, and can’t wait to sell it to you in the Fall of 2015.

Published: Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 Last Modified: December 31, 2014

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