Microsoft Launches Enterprise Mobility Suite

As the Office for iPad product got 99 percent of the mainstream attention on Thursday, Microsoft also released an enterprise product that is pleasing many. The Enterprise Mobility Suite, or EMS, is a set of products that will help businesses manage devices and their products.

This is purely an enterprise product, and at the San Francisco announcement, Satya Nadella made this very apparent. The suite of enterprise products consists of three different products, and is aimed to help manage mobile devices for business owners and their employees.

Microsoft Announces Enterprise Management Suite On Thursday

What’s Inside EMS?

The Enterprise Mobility Suite consists of an identity and access management tool from Azure Active Directory Premium, a Windows Intune mobile device management tool, and lastly an Azure AD Rights Management Services tool that will product data. These elements together will help secure data and their users for businesses.

What this set of enterprise products from Microsoft shows is that it deeply cares about enterprise customers. It harnesses on the back of Azure in all of its forms, and helps businesses manage their devices from the cloud. This cloud based management set of tools is surely to be a huge hit from Microsoft.

Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite Will Make Managing Mobile Devices Easier With Azure

More Coming In April

Microsoft also announced that Azure Active Directory Premium will be available next month, and this should make it easier for IT departments to manage passwords in their organizations. It also will allow single sign-in options to hundreds of applications, in which Microsoft has partners with for this launch.

This set of enterprise products will allow IT managers to completely grasp their devices and set of tools with an easy to manage cloud tool. Microsoft plans to charge per user, and should be available May 1st for enterprise customers. IT Managers will be able to manage these devices from almost anywhere, including tablets, and should be a huge hit for enterprise managers. This should also please many who use Azure already, and who depend on Microsoft for their enterprise and security needs.

This is a strong product release for Microsoft and should please IT Managers. No prices were officially announced, but at any cost these tools should make managing mobile devices in the enterprise much easier.

Published: Saturday, March 29th, 2014 Last Modified: March 29, 2014

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